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What Options Do I Have in an Unexpected Pregnancy?

Getting unexpectedly pregnant is a scary, confusing time—trust me, I’ve been there—it’s overwhelming both physically and emotionally. However, for the sake of both you and your baby, you have to pull it together. You have some big

Where Can I Get Unexpected Pregnancy Help?

Facing an unexpected pregnancy? Just take a deep breath. Everything is going to be all right. Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming, but fortunately, there is plenty of help and advice out there for women just

Who Can I Trust for Unexpected Pregnancy Help?

When surprises happen, those of us who are sensitive will begin swimming through the emotional waves that begin churning inside of us: pain, fear, grief, and guilt. While it is natural to beat ourselves up, it is

My Unexpected Pregnancy Advice To You

Unexpected pregnancies are scary. I know, because I went through one. When I was pregnant I felt judged, misunderstood, and totally alone. I wish I had known someone who had been through what I was going through.

3 Ways To Deal With Nosy Questions In Unexpected Pregnancies

Pregnancy, in general, can often seem like a time when the rules of politeness do not seem to matter to some. As difficult as pregnancy can be, it can be incredibly difficult to handle all of the

2 Ways To Handle An Unexpected Pregnancy

So you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy. While you may feel afraid and alone at this moment, you are not the first person to be in this position, and there are a number of options with which you

How to Stay Positive in An Unexpected Pregnancy

When you become pregnant unexpectedly, it can be easy to feel depressed, anxious, and a whole range of negative emotions. You may feel guilty for getting pregnant without planning beforehand or ashamed if you are considering adoption.