3 Ways To Deal With Nosy Questions In Unexpected Pregnancies

Pregnancy, in general, can often seem like a time when the rules of politeness do not seem to matter to some. Here are 3 ways to deal with nosy questions however you see fit.

Pregnancy, in general, can often seem like a time when the rules of politeness do not seem to matter to some. As difficult as pregnancy can be, it can be incredibly difficult to handle all of the attention that comes with it. This may be especially true is the pregnancy is unexpected or if there is an adoption plan in place. Learning how to tackle these nosy questions can be instrumental in preventing undue stress during pregnancy. Here are 3 ways to deal with these nosy questions however you see fit.

Plead The Fifth

Whether a pregnancy is unexpected or not, you absolutely reserve the right to not answer questions about your pregnancy. It is YOUR pregnancy. Some may view not answering as rude, but no one but yourself and your doctor have a need to know information regarding your pregnancy. You can also choose to decline to answer nosy pregnancy questions in a polite fashion. Something to the effect of “I would prefer not to talk about it at this time” should be totally acceptable. Some nosy people may not like that answer, but you should brush it off your shoulders. Your pregnancy is your right to keep private.

Guarded Answers

Instead of taking the “no comment” approach to your pregnancy, you may feel more comfortable answering only some questions or providing only a little detail. You may find that there are some aspects of the pregnancy you are happy to answer. You may be comfortable answering what your plan is, what gender the baby is, how far along you are and other general questions. However, you may not be willing to answer more in-depth details including the whys and the whos of your situation. Much like the “plead the fifth” approach, you can simply decline to talk about whatever you would like. You may also find that you do not want to answer the questions of some while being open to others. This is also your right. Always remember that your pregnancy can be as private as you wish. 

Be Open and Honest

Just because a pregnancy is unexpected does not always mean you will not want to celebrate it! Once the shock has worn off, you may want to tell the world about your pregnancy! If you do, do not let anyone shame you into feeling any less than excited. Many people will have judgments about any pregnancy. Some may be very bold in expressing their feelings about your unexpected pregnancy. However, every baby is a life to be celebrated, regardless of your plans for the future. If you want to talk about your pregnancy and be open about the details, you have every right to do so. You may also feel that it is easier to quiet nosy people by just answering their questions so they will stop the interrogation. No matter how you choose to handle it, people will have to respect that fact that your pregnancy and your privacy are your business.

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